Case studies

A selection of robots developed with our support and using our software solution for autonomous mobile robots
Moby 500

The Moby 500 is a smooth omnidirectional platform developed by Steering Machines. Thanks to its innovative and patented technology, it has maximum maneuverability to circulate through small spaces and interact easily in a collaborative environment. It can carry up to 500 kg.


The Tandem autonomous mobile robot is able to handle loads of four tones and four meters long. Thanks to its omnidirectional mobility, it stays performant even in narrow environments, and integrates seamlessly in the factory. The top platform of the robot can be interchanged in a fully automatic way, allowing the system to use roller beds, flat platforms, pallet transports or any other, even in the same environment. This is achieved by combining autonomous precision docking manoeuvers with an onboard elevation systems.


Robmov is the new brand of intelligent autonomous vehicles of the Ear-flap group. It is a line of collaborative mobile robots for the automatic movement of goods. Robmov was recipient of the project of the year 2018 award delivered by Enginyers Industrials de Catalunya.

Moby 2000

Moby 2000 is the Steering Machines' platform able to carry up to 2000kg. It is being adapted by Idasa for the Comexi Group for the loading and unloading of machines at the packaging sector.

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